Gov. Barbour says Otter has ‘urgent’ need for campaign cash

Barbour’s 3-page e-mail follows, in full:

from the desk of


Republican Governor’s Association
July 20, 2010

Dear Friends,

I’m writing today to alert you to an urgent issue that needs your immediate attention. I don’t mean to be alarmist, but the stakes are so high and the potential impact on Idaho’s taxpayers, economy and way of life so dire that I was compelled to write this note seeking your help.

My good friend Governor Butch Otter enjoys broad and deep support throughout Idaho as he seeks re-election. Butch has done a great job keeping State government spending in check, fending off federal government intrusions on lives and livelihoods, and working to create career-path jobs and economic opportunity for Idahoans.

Yet Idaho Democrats and their partners from across the country – intent on justifying the liberal, big-government agenda that President Obama and the Democrat majorities in Congress are aggressively promoting – have raised more money for their gubernatorial candidate’s campaign than we have for Governor Otter over the past two reporting periods.

Your generous and timely contribution of $1,000, $500, $100, $50 or even $10 today will go a long way toward reversing that trend. It will help immeasurably in keeping Democrats from flooding the airwaves with their cynical and condescending messages aimed at convincing Idaho voters that everything will be fine if they just turn their troubles over to the smart people in Washington, DC and their surrogates here in Idaho.

Over the past four years, and especially the last two in which America and the world has been struggled through the worst recession in generations, Governor Otter has been a champion of limited government and unlimited opportunity. He has made the tough decisions to ensure Idaho’s State government lives within YOUR means, and in the process has set a high standard of responsible, conservative governance for states nationwide.

At the same time, President Obama and congressional Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have been consistently and aggressively promoting their one-size-fits-all, big-spending agenda. Their unprecedented barrage of government programs and bailouts are piling up billions and billions of dollars in debt that which our children and grandchildren will be saddled with for many years to come.

Make no mistake: Their message is alluring and their tactics are tested on the national stage. When the economy is in transition and challenges confront us it might be tempting to turn to a government that claims to have all the answers. The trouble is it comes at endless taxpayers’ expense:

“Obamacare” will be fully implemented without any hint of resistance, and at budget-busting cost.

State taxes will go up as spending gets beyond taxpayers’ means on government programs that mirror states like Oregon, Washington and California – where taxes are spiraling upward as productivity declines.

Every decision on the State government level will be endlessly delayed, mired in “consensus-building” exercises and focus groups – favorite tools of professional “consultants” who rather than providing leadership, use methods to determine what you want to hear and then parrots it to gain your confidence.

More Idaho land will be locked up in virtually inaccessible wilderness, “protected” from use and enjoyment by the vast majority of our own citizens in order to provide private reserves for the wealthy, elite and able-bodied.

While that might sound outrageous – and it is – the reality could be even harsher if we don’t wake up and act now.

That’s why we need your help today. There is no time to waste, and the need is great. Any financial contribution you can spare in these difficult economic times is appreciated. Think of it as an investment in a more prosperous and secure future for all Idahoans. Your generous donation of as little as $10 or as much as $1,000 or more will help counter the insidious but well-financed Democrat efforts to add Idaho to the list of states where government wins and now the people, lose.

That means we will have to buy media time and space to tell our side of the story – to tell the truth about how Butch is protecting Idaho taxpayers, building partnerships with employers to put more Idaho workers on the path to career opportunities, and fighting every day to resist federal intrusions on our land, our rights, our finances, and our freedoms.

All costs a lot of money, and time is running short. With just three months before the election, we must act now to secure the financing to tell the truth about Governor Otter and – even more importantly – to tell the truth about his opponent. Your financial support and assistance is needed today to counter a coordinated assault by national Democrats and the liberal media against our bastion of conservative common sense. Any contribution you make will pay dividends for years to come.

As the new chairman of the Western Governors Association, Butch is in a stronger and more influential position than ever to achieve great things for Idaho – more energy independence, more collaboration with our neighboring Western states in addressing shared challenges, and more opportunities to highlight the fiscal responsibility that his lifelong business experience and personal integrity provide. But that will only be possible if he is re-elected on November 2nd, and THAT will only be possible with your help today.

Throughout my time as Governor of Mississippi, and his time as Idaho’s Lieutenant Governor, representing Idaho’s 1stCongressional District, and now as Governor, Butch Otter has proven time and again that he is the right man for the job. No one could have brought more insight, perspective, experience or commitment to Idaho than Butch has during these past four years. Now it’s up to us to ensure that he continues his work for all of us – that he can continue making Idaho the great and singular example of responsible conservative government that so many other states and our national government lack, and that America so desperately needs.

What the United States of America needs is more Governor’s like Butch Otter who are bringing conservative solutions to the challenges facing their states

The time for your help is now. The need is immediate. The stakes are high. The benefits will be great.

Thank you for your support, your friendship, and your civic virtue.

Kind regards,

Haley Barbour

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