Right to Life to Phil Bryant: We Are Not For Sale!

In an article published yesterday in the Clarion Ledger, Auditor Phil Bryant is quoted in reference to Mississippi Right to Life State PAC’s endorsement of Charlie Ross. Bryant is quoted as stating, “I do not buy endorsements,” Bryant continued, “I felt comfortable with where we were at in our right-to-life position.”

Bryant’s continued attacks on the integrity of Mississippi Right to Life State PAC prompted the following response from Mississippi Right to Life PAC’s Chairperson Barbara Whitehead:

“Phil Bryant needs to get over the sour grapes and stop his attacks on the pro-life movement in Mississippi. The endorsement of our PAC for Charlie Ross is because Charlie Ross deserves our endorsement.

Charlie Ross has been a pro-life champion in the Mississippi State Senate for the last decade. Phil Bryant has not. The Lt. Governor serves as the leader of the State Senate. It is difficult to lead a legislative body that you have never even served in.

Charlie Ross has been leading his campaign with the pro-life message. Phil Bryant has not. Ross has run pro-life radio ads while Bryant failed to mention the unborn in direct media questioning about abortion.

Charlie Ross has an excellent pro-life agenda proposed for the future of our state. Phil Bryant does not. Ross has a specific plan to protect life, Bryant has proposed nothing. Actions speak louder than words.

Phil Bryant was never offered the endorsement in March, nor was it ever made available to him for a price. The Mississippi Right to Life PAC endorsement has never and will never be for sale. Charlie Ross is clearly the best pro-life candidate for the office of Lt. Governor and deserves pro-lifer’s support!”