Rigsbys getting close to deal with Renfroe

In the latest motion filed, the Rigsbys say they have “reached an agreement in principle to resolve all disputes with Renfroe.” When that agreement is signed, they say, they will ask to dismiss the whistle-blower case against Renfroe.

U.S. District Judge L.T. Senter Jr. will hear arguments May 20 about whether the whistle-blower case should go forward against defendants State Farm, and two engineering companies, Haag and Forensic.

Senter already has found the Rigsbys’ arguments should be narrowed to one case, that of Biloxi policyholders Thomas and Pamela McIntosh. Senter said it is the only specific policyholder claim where the Rigsbys have alleged flood damage was falsified to obtain an NFIP payment. If he finds the payments were justified under the law, he will dismiss the case.

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Anita Lee
Sun Herald

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