Judge: No Plot to Defraud NFIP by State Farm; Jury to Deliberate Other Charges

On April 5 Judge Halil Suleyman Ozerden ruled the Rigsbys “have presented insufficient evidence from which a reasonable jury could conclude that State Farm’s alleged co-conspirators shared a specific intent to defraud the government.”

After both sides presented and rested their cases, State Farm filed a motion for dismissal on the grounds the Rigsbys “have not proffered any legally sufficient evidence from which the jury could reasonably determine State Farm is liable to the government on any aspect of their case,” says court documents filed by the insurer.

Suleyman agreed with the insurer when it came to the conspiracy charges but denied a part of the motion. Therefore, a jury this week will deliberate on charges State Farm submitted a false claim on the McIntosh home to the NFIP and manufactured a report to support the claim.