Rivals That Need to Play More Often

These are games that for one reason or another haven’t been played recently or aren’t being played enough. With the new 12 game schedule there is no reason these schools can’t play each year. Would you rather see Clemson-Georgia or Clemson-The Citadel?
1. Florida vs Miami (Miami leads 28-25-0)-In the last 2 decades these are 2 of the best programs college football has to offer. 7 National Championships between the 2 schools since 1983. You would think the instate rivals would play more often, but since 1987 the two schools have only met four times and unfortunately only one of these games were when the 2 programs were both at their peak(2001 Sugar Bowl). The two do meet in 2008 and 2009, with the 12 game schedule there is no reason these two shouldn’t play each year.

Memorable game-In 1971 with the Gators up big late in the game, Florida players actually layed down so Miami could score a meaningless TD. The reason for this is because Florida wanted enough time on the clock to get QB John Reaves back in the game to break the all time passing record at Florida, which he did get. After the game Florida players celebrated by jumping into a pool that housed “Flipper”, the Miami Dolphins mascot. This game is known as the “Florida Flop” game.
Fun Fact-The teams have met twice in bowl games. The 2001 Sugar Bowl and the 2004 Peach Bowl. Miami won both of these games.
2. Texas vs Arkansas(Texas leads 55-21-0)-At one time you could argue this was the biggest rivalry in college football. Under Darrel Royal and Frank Broyles these 2 teams established themselves as Southwest Conference powers. When Arkansas left the SWC in 1991 the series basically ended, with only 3 games since. In 2008 the two teams will meet again in Austin, but a Hog deal with Texas A&M has likely ended the chances of these two meeting on a yearly basis. Arkansas will get to host the Horns again sometime in the next decade, but after it could be awhile before we see the Horns-Hogs again.