Former Jackson Police Chief and State Corrections Commissioner Robert Johnson, one of 12 Democrats running for mayor in the Jackson primary to be held May 5th, says enough is enough. Johnson today stated the telephone polls reported on the first week of April conducted by Zata3e are a bogus attempt at trying to sway the electorate unfairly.

“The keypad touch telephone polls conducted by Zata3e are nothing more than an attempt to create the impression that certain candidates are ahead. That is never more obvious than the recorded message asking those answering the phone if they support one of a handful of the candidates by name and the remainder of the 12 candidates being bundled into an ‘other’ category. If Zata3e wants to give voters, the media, and bloggers a true picture of this race, then all 12 Democratic candidates should be listed so that those answering the phone can press one through 12, not one through five and then six for ‘other’ and seven for ‘undecided.’”
Johnson challenged the media to report on the scientific validity of this poll and refrain from merely reporting without the facts.

“I urge the media to stop reporting these poll results as legitimate. Covering a large field of candidates, specifically 12 Democratic candidates who are all seeking support as Mayor of Jackson is arduous, but reporting these polls as legitimate is a disservice on the part of our news organizations that want each of us to rely on them for the facts in making an informed decision on May 5th.”

Robert Johnson Press Release