Roethlisberger: “Criminal” or “Idiot”

Bill Plaschke, a sports columnist for the Los Angeles Times, told CBS News, “At the worst he’s a criminal and the very least he’s an idiot, whose conviction should be a bad judgment.”

Sources say Roethlisberger has told police he had sexual contact with the 20-year-old woman who is accusing him of assault in a Georgia nightclub. He denies having intercourse or assaulting her.

Ed Garland, Roethlisberger’s defense attorney, has said, “Our position, as we have stated, is that there was no crime committed by Ben and we expect the facts will show that and clearly prove that.”

Plenty of high profile athletes manage to keep their reputations squeaky clean, like Derek Jeter and LeBron James, but there are also those who find themselves in trouble.