Southern Baptist Roger Wicker joins MIT scientist to say ‘no’ to senate climate vote

Southern Baptist Roger Wicker is getting mainstream media heat for being the lone “no” in a Senate vote about climate change, but he is in good company with an MIT scientist who criticized the Democratic-led effort to make an environmental statement as “ludicrous.”

The Mississippi senator was the sole standout in a 98-1 roll call on a motion to declare “It is the sense of the Senate that climate change is real and not a hoax,” without attributing a cause, man-made or natural, for the phenomenon.

Wicker, whose bio lists his membership with the First Baptist Church Tupelo, “where he sings in the choir,” said he opposed the motion because it was a political show “to stop the construction of the Keystone pipeline using disputed facts,” according to a written statement from his office.

Wicker said he agreed with “more than 31,000 American scientists who do not believe the science on this matter is settled,” a reference to the “Global Warming Petition Project” critics assail for including signatures of individuals without climate expertise.

However, detractors cannot dispute the credentials of MIT climate scientist Richard Lindzen who weighed in on the debate earlier this week when Senator Bernie Sanders, an Independent from Vermont, first floated the idea of a climate change resolution. Sanders caucuses with Democrats.

Christian Examiner