Roger Wicker says Obama’s State of the Union address ‘missed an important opportunity’

U.S. Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) said Barack Obama “missed an important opportunity” Tuesday night during the President’s annual State of the Union Address.

“The President had an opportunity in his State of the Union address to outline a plan to cut federal spending and put us on a fiscally-responsible path,” said Wicker. “Instead, the President’s call for even more tax increases is a step back from solving the problems we face. Bipartisan cooperation will be necessary to address the real drivers of federal spending – health care and entitlement programs. Unfortunately, the President missed an important opportunity.”

The President’s State of the Union Address is required by the United States Constitution in Article II, Section 3. The State of the Union was submitted in writing from 1810-1912 and first televised at night when Lyndon Johnson delivered his State of the Union on January 4, 1965.

Mississippi Press