No Real Challenges for Mississippi Members

Congressional redistricting isn’t a glamorous job for any state Legislature, but for the past two decades, it hasn’t been a job at all for state Senators and Representatives in Mississippi. In 2002 and late last year, a federal court redrew the state’s Congressional boundaries to adjust for shifts in population after the Legislature deadlocked. This cycle’s redraw did little to change the political bent of any of the Magnolia State’s four districts, and no incumbent faces a real challenge to re-election. The filing deadline was Jan. 13, so the field in all the races is set.

“All four incumbents in Mississippi are safe,” said a Republican strategist familiar with the state. “There’s going to be some [changes] that will have a bearing on a small level, subdistrict level. But when you step away and look at it — Palazzo, Harper, Nunnelee, Thompson — all safe.”

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