ROM – Bill Luckett calls Delta Independents, Republicans “racists”

Bill Luckett, an attorney and owner of of the Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale, has opened the “Progress for Mississippi” PAC to get ready to run for Governor. In not the best way to start a campaign, he has said anyone in the Delta who is not a Democrat is a racist.

“You can’t have grown up in the Mississippi Delta with any kind of sensitivity or any kind of feelings and not come out of that aligned with the Democratic Party, unless you’re just a racist or something,” Luckett said.

He also has aligned himself with President Barack Obama. Intentionaly linking himself to National Democrats is another foolish mistake for a Mississippi Democrat looking to reach the necessary conservative Democrats it would take to win.

Luckett said he voted for President Barack Obama and supports most of Obama’s efforts to get the economy back on track.

“He is making some smart decisions, but they’re risky,” Luckett said.

Not a good way to launch your campaign.

Right of Mississippi