10/14: Roger Wicker Lies Again In New Ad

Roger Wicker has become so desperate to save his campaign that he has resorted to a series of ads that flat out lie. This time Wicker is fibbing about Musgrove’s campaign finances.

“Roger Wicker must think Mississippians are pretty dumb. Ronnie Musgrove doesn’t have contributions from any of the groups in Wicker’s ad. And everybody knows Ronnie Musgrove is pro-life and pro-gun. Apparently, after 14 years Roger Wicker has learned to lie the Washington way. It is time for a change,” Tim Phillips, Musgrove for Senate campaign manager said.

Below is a fact check on Wickers lies in his latest ad:

Wicker Ad Ignores The Facts – Misleads Mississippi Voters

Roger Wicker’s latest ad is a desperate attempt to mislead Mississippi voters about Ronnie Musgrove’s record and donations that he has received. The ad claims that Musgrove has taken money from liberal sources such as Friends of Hillary Clinton, gay rights groups, and abortion groups and then implies that he will support that agenda. The fact is that Musgrove has taken NO money from these sources and has a solid conservative record. Ronnie Musgrove is pro-life, pro-gun, and supported one of the strictest gay adoption bans in the country. Roger Wicker’s outright lies to the voters of Mississippi should be called what they are – a desperate political trick.

Musgrove’s Donors

Despite Ads Claims – Musgrove Has Received No Money From Friends Of Hillary Clinton, NARAL, Or Human Rights Campaign: Despite the ads implication that Musgrove has received large donations from Hillary Clinton’s PAC, NARAL (a pro-choice group), or the Human Rights Campaign (a gay rights group), Musgrove has received no donations from any of these groups. (www.fec.gov; Musgrove for US Senate)

Musgrove Stood Up To National Democrats

Musgrove Broke With National Democrats And Supported Pickering To U.S. Appeals Court: In 2003, Musgrove broke ranks with national Democratic leaders and supported President Bush’s nomination of Charles Pickering to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The nomination was blocked by Democrats. (Associated Press, 1/14/04)

Supported Republican Congressional Candidate In 1992: In 1992, Musgrove contributed $500 to Marsha Blackburn, the Republican candidate for Tennessee’s sixth congressional district. (Political Money Line Web site, “Contributions,” www.tray.com)

Musgrove Is A Conservative


Musgrove Supported Additional Restrictions On Abortion: In 1990, Musgrove voted to require the licensing of abortion clinics by the State Board of Health. Also, Musgrove voted to require a 24-hour waiting period before a woman could obtain an abortion. In 1991, Musgrove again voted for a bill requiring the waiting period. (Clarion Ledger, 4/1/90; 4/7/91)

Musgrove Banned Public Funding Of Abortion: In April 2002, Musgrove also signed a bill that would ban spending public funds on abortions with a few exceptions (including when the mother’s life is in danger, when the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest, or when a fetal malformation is incompatible with the baby being born alive). (Clarion Ledger, 4/18/02 HB 1480, Summary of Legislation 2002)

Musgrove Voted To Require Doctors To Register As Abortion Providers: In 1995, Musgrove voted to require physicians performing more than five abortions per month to have their offices licensed as abortion clinics. (Clarion Ledger, 3/9/95)

Gay Rights

Musgrove Supported Ban On Gay Adoptions: In March 2000, Musgrove supported a ban on adoption by homosexuals or same-sex couples. The ban not only pertained to adoptions in Mississippi, but also ensured that Mississippi would not recognize adoptions by gay individuals or couples from other states if the parents moved to Mississippi. (Clarion Ledger, 3/23/00)

Musgrove Opposes Gay Marriage: Musgrove opposes gay marriage and believes that marriage is between one man and one woman. (Clarion Ledger, 10/3/08; Sun Herald, 10/22/03)


Musgrove Was Endorsed By NRA And Loves To Hunt: In 1999, Musgrove was endorsed (along with his opponent) by the NRA. The postcard from the NRA stated that “Musgrove also supported our right to self-defense with a vote as a state senator for ‘right to carry’ – an issue of strong importance to NRA members.” Musgrove talked about his love of hunting in 2002 and the Clarion Ledger reported that Musgrove had killed a 10-point buck in 2002. (Clarion Ledger, 11/2/99 and 1/6/02)

Musgrove Received An “A” From NRA In 2008: In the 2008 election cycle, Musgrove received an “A” rating, the highest given and the same as Roger Wicker, from the NRA. (National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund)

Musgrove Signed Bill Allowing Conceal And Carry For Certain Persons: In 2002, Musgrove signed HB 844, which provided that guards and other persons could carry concealed weapons, even if they were not sworn law enforcement officers, if they obtained a permit to carry concealed weapons. (HB 844, Summary of Legislation)

Musgrove for Senate