On April 10, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) released a video ad via YouTube of Ronnie Musgrove (D), challenger for the Senate race against incumbent Senator Roger Wicker. In the video, Musgrove talked candidly about his faith and it showed him in a choir practice setting. It was filmed at First Baptist Church of Jackson, where according to his bio on the DSCC, Musgrove is a member. Within hours, it was inexplicably removed from YouTube by the DSCC.

Fortunately, it was saved and to correct the mistake or oversight by the DSCC, the Memory Division at YallPolitics is putting it back into the public domain on YouTube from whence it came.

A few days later, they posted a similarly styled ad featuring Musgrove on the Mississippi Gulf Coast surveying Hurricane Katrina Damage (31 months after the storm).