Around the State: From the Tennessee Line to the Coast Line

It’s been another great week for the Musgrove campaign. Governor Musgrove received a warm welcome in Northwest Mississippi, and spoke to educators on the Gulf Coast.

In Desoto County on Monday, Musgrove talked about the critical need to restore fiscal accountability.

The Desoto Times wrote: “People keep telling us over and over how much they are hurting,” [Musgrove] said. “Unemployment today is much higher than when I left office.” Musgrove blamed trade deals with China and India that are outsourcing American jobs and causing unemployment rates to spike, he said. You can read the Desoto Times Story here.

The Commercial Appeal also wrote about Musgrove’s visit to the Northwest here.

Yesterday, Governor Musgrove spoke in Biloxi with educators about the need to change the broken system in Washington to protect our economy, improve education and provide a chance for Americans to work hard to get ahead. You can read more about his trip to the Coast here.

To learn more about Musgrove’s plans to fight to restore fiscal responsibility, visit our website at

New Ad

The campaign has launched a new television ad that sets the facts straight. While Roger Wicker and his allies’ personal and negative attacks have distorted the facts, this new ad sticks to the truth: Unemployment was two points lower when Governor Musgrove left office than it is today. And NAFTA, CAFTA and trade with China – all bad deals Wicker supported – hurt our economy and sent tens of thousands of jobs overseas.

More Beef Plant Vindication

Newspapers around the state, and one national publication, have noted the timing of the investigation. Read Greenwood Commonwealth editor Tim Kalich here and Bobby Harrison of the Daily Journal. Here you can read Patsy Brumfield of the Daily Journal and the Clarion Ledger’s David Hampton on the future of the case.

Harper’s Magazine gives a national perspective here.

Next Week

Governor Musgrove will make campaign stops around Meridian next week, touring courthouses and visiting with local doctors.

Governor Musgrove has been receiving a tremendous response from voters across Mississippi who know it is time to change a broken system in Washington.