Special Message from Ronnie Musgrove for Union Members

“We’re in a tough fight for this election, but it is looking good,” Musgrove told Mississippi labor activists, assembled in Jackson for a state wide meeting of the Labor 2008 campaign. “But I need your help. It is critical that you mobilize your fellow workers across Mississippi” he said. “That’s the best way we can deliver this election.”

Mississippi has become a key state in the road to winning a pro-working families majority in the Senate. Recent polls put Musgrove and Wicker neck and neck in the special election to replace former Sen. Trent Lott.

Former Gov. Musgrove has made stopping the hemorrhaging of good jobs overseas due to unfair trade deals like CAFTA and NAFTA one of the leading issues in his campaign.

Former Rep. Wicker has been a strong supporter of nearly every bad free trade deal that has come up for a vote since he has been in Congress, deals that have shut down plants across Mississippi. One of his campaign spokespeople was even on TV describing the record number of manufacturing job losses as a good thing for the state.

“My opponent wants to send all of our jobs overseas because of special interests,” Musgrove said. “That has to change.”

Musgrove has a long record of support for working families. As governor, he presided over the biggest teacher pay raise in state history. And as Mississippi’s next senator, he vows to support the right of all working people to join a union if they choose and guaranteeing that quality health care is available to all Mississippi residents, regardless of their income.

Musgrove encouraged union members to help mobilize their union brothers and sisters for the election by participating in labor-to-labor walks, phone banking, union mailings and worksite leafleting, key pillars of the Labor 2008 program.

“It’s time we stand up for the workers, not the special interests in Washington,” he said.