Ronnie Shows & Bob Barr in Politico – For-profit school students need loans

When we served together in Congress, though we were both conservative members of our respective political parties from the Deep South, we were often on opposite sides of major issues. However, a few years out of Congress, and outside the Beltway, helps former Capitol Hill adversaries realize they see eye to eye on a host of important, even controversial, issues.

One area we agree on is the need to improve our education system. After all, no amount of tax cuts or government services have nearly the potential for improving our country as a well-educated citizenry.

So both of us are monitoring a new proposal by the Obama administration aimed at reducing the debt burden taken on by students who use federal student loans to be able to attend proprietary, or for-profit, colleges. The proposal reflects the administration’s position that proprietary colleges offer degrees but little hope of employment, and when these loans go into default, the U.S. taxpayer is left holding the bag. This is a decidedly one-sided perspective.