April Fool’s Day Comes Once a Year – Unless You Live in North Mississippi

One day a year, April’s Fools jokes are entertaining. But for two years now, we’ve had a Representative in Congress who has been constantly trying to fool us and its growing old. Don’t be fooled by your Congressman’s claims that he represents the best interests of North Mississippians. He claimed his vote for the stimulus bill would create jobs in Mississippi, but over a year later North Mississippians are still struggling with unemployment. Since last year’s stimulus bill, Mississippi’s unemployment has risen by 3 percent and hovers at nearly 12 percent. The price tag: $787 billion.

His waffling on the healthcare bill almost fooled us. He did eventually bend to our will, but it took weeks of calling, protesting and begging. He finally revealed his position after Nancy Pelosi had announced she had secured the votes for passage. Had he acted decisively, he could have swayed others to stop the monstrous healthcare bill.
Now, he refuses to agree to stand and support overturning healthcare through the courts, Constitutional Amendments or voting for its repeal. Does he think he has fooled us into believing you can vote against a bill one day while advocating that we simply “move forward” the next – and still claim to be against it? A vote is one thing, but North Mississippians want a representative who has conviction. We’re not fooled and we’re not amused.
Today, the 1st of April, don’t be fooled by the trickery and politics your Congressman plays. In Mississippi he shares our values, but in Washington he is a stand by vote for liberals led by Nancy Pelosi. In 2008, he received hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions from liberal interest groups and liberal leaders like President Obama’s Chief-of-Staff, Rahm Emanuel, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Nancy’s side-kick, Stenny Hoyer and Massachusetts liberal, Barney Frank. Does he think we really believe they do not influence him?
In Mississippi he talks like us, but how does he talk in Washington, D.C.? We just don’t know. Don’t let your Congressman try to fool you. We need decisive leaders who can influence those in their party to do the right thing even if it is not politically expedient. He failed to sway his colleagues to vote against the healthcare bill – which steals our freedom. Which Mississippi value will he fail to protect next?

The pillars of American society – faith, family and freedom – are cracking. We can restore these pillars, but it will take conservative fighters who are willing to pay a political price, if necessary, to do the right thing. We have a choice. We can go down the path our founders laid for us and return our country to limited, God-centered Constitutional government, or we can continue to go down the path our current leadership in Washington is paving for us. Join me on this journey as we set our country back on the course to Constitutional government.

Have a Happy Easter weekend,