Improvements are Like a Doctor Putting a Band-Aid on a Heart Transplant Patient

One of the most powerful tools a Congressman has is the opportunity to sway others on monumental issues that shape our nation’s future. Our representative had the opportunity to influence crucial votes against the healthcare bill. He had the opportunity to sway Bart Stupak (D-MI) and others like him to vote NO instead of YES on healthcare reform, but he did not. Instead, he treaded water and waffled until the votes had already been tallied for passage before he finally announced his position. His lack of decisive conviction has left us with legislation that will federally fund abortion, bankrupt states due to excessive entitlements they can’t afford and will raise taxes.

I have been asking folks do you believe our representative, who voted for Nancy Pelosi and thereby her liberal agenda, will stand up with conservatives and fight to repeal the healthcare bill? This morning he announced he would not work to repeal it and he went further to describe calls for repeal as political posturing. No Sir, calls for repeal are what North Mississippians want – we refuse to sit back, accept it and just move on. Our representative said he will work to improve the bill. When it comes to freedom and liberty that’s like a doctor putting a band-aid on a patient who needs a heart transplant. We need a representative who does not want to improve bad public policy, but can influence others to fight to repeal it and then replace it! I vow to do that as your representative from North Mississippi. It seems time and time again our current representative’s loyalty is torn between powerful liberals in Washington and North Mississippians. Our only option is to vote him out.

The call to liberty and freedom sounded valiantly by our founders grows ever fainter in the ears of a majority government beguiled by the siren song of socialism. This song has for far too long beckoned those in power in our country, Republican as well as Democrat, to the false promises of the welfare state, where rights overshadow responsibilities and the fruit of others’ labors become the entitlement of all. In the process, our Constitution has by in large been discarded.

We need conservative fighters in Congress who will return this country to God-centered, limited Constitutional government, beginning with repeal of last Sunday’s healthcare reform. We need decisive leaders who will galvanize their colleagues in Congress to vote the right way for our country. We need conservative fighters who will restore the pillars of faith, family, and freedom upon which this nation was established. We need them now. Time grows short.
God Bless,


Ross Press