Do You Think Travis Childers Will Fight to Repeal Healthcare Reform?

Dear Friends,

Today, Barack Obama is set to sign into law the most intrusive legislation in American history. Democrats will herald themselves as uniters that fought for the American dream. They will claim they are restoring our country to fiscal sanity while creating jobs. We know this is far from the truth. Soon we will bring Democrats in Washington back to reality and send them home packing! We will not forgive their arrogance as they repeatedly ignored the pleas of the American people. We will be heard and we will never be ignored again.

The healthcare bill has nothing to do with reform, but instead is a calculated first step towards permanently eroding our freedom and demolishing private insurance. If it was truly about improving our health care system they would have focused on common sense reforms that could have achieved bipartisan support – such as allowing people to purchase health care across state lines, promoting insurance portability, and passing tort reform.

Instead of focusing on job creation, Democrats in Congress rammed through a bill that kills jobs during uncertain economic times, increases taxes and hidden fees by over $470 billion, cuts Medicare by $500 billion, and opens the door for taxpayer-funded abortions, while doing nothing to control costs. Well, to be fair, Obamacare will create some jobs. The legislation mandates the hiring of an army of 16,500 additional IRS agents equipped with the authority to penalize us upwards to 2.5 percent of our income if we do not buy health insurance.

The only way to stop this bill is to elect conservative fighters to Congress. Yesterday, I announced on Super Talk Mississippi that I’ve already pledged to repeal the bill and I urge you to do the same. I believe Mississippians deserve conservative fighters who will make hard decisions despite the political outcome. We need conservative fighters who will galvanize his Congressional colleagues to stop the payoffs and prevent the sidestepping of rules that powerful liberals are employing to pass legislation. We need conservative fighters who are going to lead others to fight to repeal the healthcare bill and future legislation like it. Instead of being a perpetual stand by vote for Speaker Pelosi, we need someone who leads others to do the right thing for Mississippians and our country! Do you really think Travis Childers, whom voted for Nancy Pelosi and thereby her liberal agenda, will stand up with conservatives and fight to repeal the healthcare bill?

The pillars of American society – faith, family and freedom are cracking. We can restore these pillars, but it will take conservative fighters who are willing to pay a political price, if necessary, to do the right thing. We have a choice. We can go down the path our founders laid for us and return our country to limited, God-centered Constitutional government, or we can continue to go down the path our current leadership in Washington is paving for us. I choose the path lighted by the Constitution, and I hope you will join my effort. Your grassroots and financial support will make sure we spread our message. Please consider a donation today. Thank you.