Political Theatrics

Democrats are playing a dangerous game of political theatre on the issue of healthcare reform. LastThursday, the White House hosted a seven hour bilateral healthcare summit in which Democrats appeared to bring the Republicans to the bargaining table. Their attempt was only symbolic. I mentioned previously that on principle, it is impossible for Republicans to agree with the White House’s proposal. A truly bilateral approach would be to scrap the recently passed House and Senate healthcare reform bills and start anew, placing conservative principles, which preserve individual freedom, at the core of healthcare reform. Instead, Democrats only gave Republican ideas lip service. In fact, immediately after the summit the White House imposed a six week (more like six day) time table to pass their legislation with or without Republican support.

What is scary is Nancy Pelosi claims she has the votes in the House to finally pass the Senate Democrats’ version of Healthcare reform, and Harry Reid is willing to circumvent Scott Brown’s vote in the Senate to approve House amendments to the Senate bill through the reconciliation procedure—which only requires 51 votes. Democrats are ideologically bent on passing healthcare reform despite the long term damage it could cause our country, and it seems they may have the votes to do it. Politically, many Democrats will be expected to tote the party line, so Democrats will have something to campaign on with their liberal base. As the Democrat votes in the House become narrower, Travis Childers may not get a free pass from Nancy Pelosi to vote against the healthcare bill this time around. When Nancy Pelosi flexes her muscles, how will he react? The First District deserves better than free passes and uncertainty.

Democrats truly believe they know better than the American people when it comes to this issue. Nancy Pelosi contends she will incorporate Republican proposals “if they (Republicans) have a good idea and it works for the American people.” Unfortunately, what she really means is: if Republicans have an idea that is consistent with Democratic ideology, it will be considered. Since 56% of Americans oppose the Democratic proposals, it is strikingly evident that her rhetoric is off the mark.

This is a historic year for conservatism. Millions of people who would otherwise be uninvolved in politics have become engaged because they are concerned about the direction our country is going. As a nation, it’s time for us to decide what our future will be. We can follow a path of liberal, big government solutions, or we can take the path of freedom and conservatism, where individuals are empowered to make their own decisions. We must make sure this year that our country goes down the right path.

I want to make a request of you. If you are not already involved in the political process, I ask that you become involved. Begin attending Tea Parties and county Republican meetings or organize your own groups. If you haven’t done so, begin studying your candidates and the policies that are threatening to steer our country in the wrong direction. I urge you to become active and help restore our country to the principles we hold dear. We can save our country, but we must do it together. This is our year. We must act now.

As a candidate for Congress, I pledge to campaign in every town in the first district. No door is too far away to knock on and no voter will be neglected. I pledge to walk the district and meet everyone possible. I want to give you the opportunity to find out how I want to help our district. I care about you, our district and our state. This is our year to make Mississippi’s voice really heard in Washington. Let’s do it together.

I hope to see you on the campaign trail,


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