Childers seat leaning Republican

After a stunning GOP Senate win in Massachusetts and a slew of new polls showing many Democratic incumbents in trouble, it’s hard to argue with the obvious: the Republicans unquestionably have momentum as 2010 begins.

We are adding a dozen new seats to our list of districts “in play” – all of them currently held by Democrats. In addition, we have moved 16 districts within our list – two held by the GOP and the rest currently represented by a Democrat. All of the moves benefit the GOP, either because Republican districts now look safer or Democratic districts appear more vulnerable.

Pure Toss-Up (1 R, 9 D)
AR 1 (Open; Berry, D) *
AR 2 (Open; Snyder, D) *
CO 4 (Markey, D)
IL 10 (Open; Kirk, R)
MI 7 (Schauer, D) *
NH 1 (Shea-Porter, D)
NH 2 (Open; Hodes, D)
PA 7 (Open; Sestak, D)
TN 8 (Open; Tanner, D)
WA 3 (Open; Baird, D)
Toss-Up/Tilt Republican (0 R, 10 D)
AL 2 (Bright, D) *
FL 8 (Grayson, D) *
ID 1 (Minnick, D) *
KS 3 (Open; Moore, D)
MD 1 (Kratovil, D) *
MS 1 (Childers, D) *
NM 2 (Teague, D)
OH 1 (Driehaus, D) *
OH 15 (Kilroy, D) *
VA 5 (Perriello, D)