Senate Candidate Roun McNeal Outlines Conservative Agenda for Election

May 2, 2011

(Leakesville, Miss.) – Local Attorney Roun McNeal will announce on Thursday, May
5, that he is running for State Senator in District 43, the seat being vacated by Sen.
Tommy Dickerson of Waynesboro. McNeal will announce with visits to Waynesboro,
Leakesville, and Lucedale.

“ Because the future demands a dynamic conservative voice in the legislature, I am
announcing on Thursday that I am a Republican candidate for the State Senate,” McNeal
said in a statement released by the campaign. “ With the help of the voters, we will
responsibly carry the concerns of our people to Jackson and vigorously represent the
workers and families of Wayne, Greene, George, and Stone Counties.”

“ I came home after college because I believe that a united Mississippi has a bright
tomorrow, if we will take responsibility for ensuring that it happens. Our campaign will
be about doing right by the future – that includes ensuring that our schools are equipped
to train every student to enter the job market, that our state and local governments have
a strong pro-business climate, and that the politicians do not betray the values of our

” I believe in beginning education at a young age, rewarding teachers for excellence, and
creating skills-based curriculums that make students prepared for jobs as soon as they get
their diploma.”

“ I believe in supporting economic development by keeping taxes low, responsibly
handling Mississippi’ s budget, and working with state and local officials of both
parties to attract businesses to this area. Our citizens deserve a representative who can
effectively promote our communities to job-providers.”

“ Most importantly, I will serve my home district with spirit and discipline. I will speak
with a forcefulness that will make Mississippians proud, and I will vote from a heart
guided by wise counsel and prayer.”

The son of a small business owner and an educator, Roun’ s public school education
propelled him to the University of Mississippi, where he was elected President of
the student body, inducted into the Ole Miss Hall of Fame, and then graduated with
honors from the University of Mississippi School of Law. After clerking for the Hon.
Randy G. Pierce on Mississippi’ s State Supreme Court, Roun returned to his hometown
of Leakesville to practice law. He is a member of Faith Presbyterian Church, the
Mississippi Bar, the University of Mississippi Alumni Association, and St. Anthony Hall.