This week, John Rounsaville will launch his announcement tour that will
take him throughout Mississippi’s Third Congressional District. This initial tour will last
three days, and include events in Jackson, Meridian, and Starkville, along with at least ten
other stops.

Joining Rounsaville at each event will be local supporters who have recognized that he is
the candidate with the right experience and a real record of results best suited to represent
Mississippi’s Third District in Congress.

“We’re excited to get this campaign started,” said Rounsaville. “It’s an honor to return to
communities that I’ve worked with over the past decade during my time as an advisor to
Congressman Pickering and Governor Barbour, and as State Director of the USDA Rural
Development Agency. I’m looking forward to spending time visiting with the voters of
these communities over the coming months, and sharing with them my positive vision to
keep Mississippi and our country moving forward.”

During this announcement tour, the campaign will highlight Rounsaville’s experience
and proven record of getting things done for the Third Congressional District and the
State of Mississippi.

“It’s important that Mississippi’s Third Congressional District has a representative that
can hit the ground running when they get to Congress and not have to rely on staff to
guide Mississippi’s priorities through the legislative process and through the federal
bureaucracies. I have that experience and I know that I can put it to use to make sure that
Mississippians have the influence they deserve in Congress,” said Rounsaville.

John Rounsaville Campaign Release