The following statement was issued by Danny O’Driscoll, campaign manager for the John Rounsaville campaign:

“The press release issued earlier today by David Landrum’s campaign failed to provide the proof they claimed to have that David Landrum voted between November 2000 and November 2007. In fact, Landrum’s release misrepresented the two documents that it relied on, further distorting the truth.

Contrary to his campaign’s assertions, David Landrum was never registered to vote in Hinds County. The Hinds County Clerk’s office confirmed again today that David Landrum is not, and has never been, registered to vote there.

Landrum’s release presented the sign-in sheet for affidavit voters from the 2003 Republican Primary Election, and circled a signature that they claim is that of David Landrum, though it is illegible. Hinds County records of the 2003 Republican Primary election do not contain an affidavit voting envelope for David Landrum.

The release also claims that David Landrum voted in the 2003 General Election, and provides the poll book sign in sheet. The signature the Landrum campaign claims is that of David Landrum is a straight line. However, the 2003 Hinds County Voter Registration book for the November election does not contain the name of David Landrum, Thomas David Landrum, or another combination thereof, so this signature can not be his. He would not have been allowed to sign the poll book if he was not listed as a registered voter.

Even if the Landrum campaign’s assertion that David Landrum did attempt to cast a ballot in Hinds County were true, this ballot would have been rejected by the Hinds County Election Commission because he wasn’t a registered voter, so no vote would have been cast.

The Landrum campaign has also stated that David Landrum voted in the 2007 Republican Primary in Madison County. The Voter Profile Report furnished by the Madison County Clerk’s office on December 7, 2007 shows that is false. The report shows David Landrum’s last voted date as November 7, 2000.

Interestingly, the Landrum press release failed to answer the charges that David Landrum did not vote in the following elections:

2001 Special Election (Flag Referendum)

2002 Republican Primary Election

2002 General Election (Pickering vs. Shows Congressional race)

2004 Primary Election

2004 General Election (Bush vs. Kerry Presidential race)

2006 Primary Election

2006 General Election

Landrum’s release also failed to honestly answer why a so-called “Conservative Republican” would give liberal Democrat Governor Ronnie Musgrove a $1,000 contribution just two weeks before his election against Haley Barbour – a tried and true conservative leader.

Voters deserve a Congressman with firm convictions and common sense. David Landrum’s contribution to Governor Musgrove show that he’s willing to waver on his convictions, and his inability to vote for seven years shows a lack of common sense about our democratic process, if not downright apathy for this civic responsibility.

How can David Landrum ask voters to send him to Washington, D.C. to vote for them when he couldn’t be bothered to vote himself in elections in Mississippi?”

John Rounsaville Campaign Release