‘Ruined’ Nigerian executive calls for justice in William Jefferson corruption trial

Kachikwu said he had once worked closely with Jefferson, testifying that in May 2004, he had gotten information that authorities in Nigeria were prepared to arrest the congressman, who was in the country trying to resurrect the telecommunications project. Kachikwu said he learned the arrest was based on complaints from a fellow NDTV executive that Jefferson had sought bribes from the company.

Kachikwu said he drove the congressman and iGate CEO Vernon Jackson to the airport about 5:30 a.m. so they could leave the country earlier than planned and keep Jefferson from being imprisoned.

Thursday’s session began with an announcement by Judge T.S. Ellis III that he had excused a female juror. He didn’t say why, other than it was for a valid reason.

She was replaced by one of four alternates, also a woman.


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