Rush rant: Politics as usual

As it relates to his talents as a comedian and entertainer, I’m an unapologetic Rush Limbaugh fan. In a radio broadcast booth, Air Limbaugh is as skilled as Air Jordan and as laugh-out-loud humorous as Richard Pryor.
When it comes to assessing Limbaugh’s journalistic integrity and/or criticism of the media, consider me one of Limbaugh’s harshest critics. The difference between Limbaugh and the Rev. Al Sharpton is purely financial. Sharpton pimps poverty for millions, and Limbaugh pimps politics for hundreds of millions.
Wednesday afternoon, I served as one of Limbaugh’s political props. During the second hour of his popular show, Limbaugh offered up my Sunday column about the need to question Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli as a “teachable moment” for his listeners and the national media.