Saban endorses coach-in-waiting idea at Alabama

Head coaches in waiting? Just walked out of the office of a prominent head coach who likes the idea.
Matter of fact, Nick Saban said he wouldn’t mind seeing Alabama football follow that trend.
“That’s the way I’d like for it to be,” Saban said Thursday in his office. “That’s what I’d like to happen. Someday.
“But you’ve got to have the right person and have everybody in agreement on it.”
Who would disagree with Saban if he stayed, say, six more years to coach out his original contract and then wanted to retire to his lake house, but not before helping to choose and groom his successor?
Around here, who would disagree with Saban on anything?
The only thing his closest confidantes might not agree with is the notion of Saban retiring. It’s hard for them to imagine him breathing and not coaching.