Saban using new tool to visit recruits
Alabama among colleges connecting with prospects through video conferencing Sunday, May 04, 2008By GENTRY ESTES and EVAN WOODBERYSports Reporters
On the April day that Alabama coach Nick Saban introduced video conferencing to the Mobile recruiting scene, Auburn’s Tommy Tuberville knew about it by that afternoon.

Davidson coach Fred Riley was impressed to see his standout defensive back Gerald West speak eye-to-eye with Saban, who was in his office at Alabama. So in the interest of “equal information and equal access” for both state schools, Riley soon notified Auburn linebackers coach James Willis.

“I told what I had just witnessed and how cool it was,” Riley said. “He was like, ‘They did what?’ I explained it to him, and he said, ‘Unbelievable. I’ve got to go talk to coach Tuberville right now.’