Bryant accused of improper role in community college search

The president of a regional accrediting group sent a Jan. 9 letter saying Bryant’s attempts to change requirements for the director were undue political influence.

“I have been told that the governor is pressuring members of the state board to change the requirements for the leader of the system by not requiring that person to have a doctoral degree or any postsecondary educational experience, but to make an appointment based on politics and not on qualifications,” Belle Wheelan, president of the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, wrote to Clark…

…Bryant spokesman Knox Graham described Wheelan’s letter as “baseless and condescending.”

The governor asked the board to drop requirements for an academic doctorate or experience in educational administration.

“I would hope you would reassess the existing job description and broaden the focus to include experience related to workforce training and development,” Bryant wrote in a Nov. 14 letter.