Saddam Hussein feared catching venereal diseases from U.S. guards

While Saddam Hussein was being held in Baghdad, he wrote about his fear of catching AIDS or other “young people’s diseases” from his U.S. military guards.

The Associated Press, citing the Arab-language newspaper’s report, says Saddam’s fear of sexually transmitted diseases emerged after he found out that U.S. soldiers were using his clothes line to dry their own laundry.

“I explained to them that they are young and they could have young people’s diseases,” Saddam wrote. “My main concern was to not catch a venereal disease, an HIV disease, in this place.”

The Iraqi dictator, who was hanged in December 2006, expressed serious concerns about the threat from Iran.

“The spread of the Persians… is more dangerous for Iraq than the Zionist entity, now and in the future,” he wrote. “The Persians are similarly dangerous to the Arab nation, especially the Arab countries of the Gulf.”

USA Today