Saints blew a chance to keep Vicodin case quiet

But the Saints’ lawyers dropped the ball on this one. If only two weeks ago they had said to Hyatt whatever they said more recently to get Hyatt to agree to pursue arbitration, none of the sensitive information that has come to light would have ever been released. Thus, no one outside the organization (and law enforcement) ever would have known about GM Mickey Loomis’ alleged cover-up of Vicodin abuse and/or theft, the outing of Sean Payton and Joe Vitt as the guys who allegedly abused (Payton) and stole (Vitt) Vicodin, the partial transcripts of conversations between Santini and team employees indicating that a real issue had arisen regarding the distribution and theft of Vicodin, and the alleged existence of a videotape showing Vitt removing Vicodin impermissibly from the team’s drug locker.