Higher education and agribusiness are interrelated

At his speech here to the movers and shakers in the Mississippi Delta’s business, agricultural, educational and political circles, Gov. Phil Bryant’s remarks were met with more than polite applause. Bryant, the mechanic’s son from Moorhead, understands the Delta region’s challenges as lessons from his boyhood.

Bryant told the audience at the Delta Council’s 77th annual meeting that he understood the interrelationship of higher education and agribusiness in that region. Bryant said: “As always, I am mindful of the impact that agriculture has on the economy of the Mississippi Delta. It is big business, and economists at Mississippi State University estimate that the activities associated with production agriculture in the Delta account for more than 1.5 billion dollars of annual income and employ more than 55 thousand people. We should support this industry, not only by treating it like the major employer that it is, but also by creating a minimal regulatory environment.”

Sid Salter