Medicaid will remain a live political grenade in 2014 session

And while the Democratic minority in the Mississippi Legislature will continue to try to force the state to “opt-in” to ACA’s Medicaid expansion, they have neither the votes nor the clout to move the needle on that issue at this time.

The Web site intended to empower President Barack Obama’s signature legislation — developed at a cost of more than $634 million — simply didn’t work, but that wasn’t the worst of it. When the website was eventually accessed, it gave inaccurate, misleading information to the people the program was purported to be helping.

The website glitch alone isn’t the only problem with the ACA rollout, and it’s a gross over-simplification to suggest that it is. But the confusion generated by that glitch was enough to make Southern governors like Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant feel justified in their decision to reject Medicaid expansion.

Sid Salter