Angela McGlowan: Attractive political package, but an empty policy box…

Former Fox New Analyst Angela McGlowan strikes all the right conservative chords to appeal to Republicans and to the Tea Party loyalists as well in her 1st Congressional District bid. She’s by leaps and bounds the best communicator in the race from either party. She’s honed her media skills on national television and she’s just flat good at that part of politics.

On a personal note, Angela did my talk radio show a number of times and was great to work with and a genuinely nice person. But send McGlowan to Congress? I have significant reservations about that proposition.

What conservative voters get in McGlowan, from my way of thinking, is an attractive ideological package wrapped around a box that is empty of meaningful legislative experience, reliable core values or any real time laboring in Mississippi’s vineyard. Does McGlowan even pay taxes in Mississippi? Does she actually live in the state, or is she just “visiting” for this election?

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