Sid Salter: Griping about the Electoral College is easy

What is it? It’s the lead-pipe-cinch fact that it’s a lot easier to gripe and complain about the Electoral College than it is to actually change or eliminate it.

Why? The only people really concerned each election cycle about the Electoral College and the occasional disparity between the popular vote and the electoral vote are the people who came up on the short end of the electoral vote.

The people who prevail in the electoral vote are genuinely pretty pleased with it and aren’t anxious to talk about changing it.

And the real hypocrisy of the folks who bombarded the actual presidential electors with in some cases 20,000 pieces of mail is that from a practical standpoint, both the Republican and Democrat political parties and the people who comprise them – and the candidates who campaign under their party labels – long ago conceded to spend the majority of their time, campaign cash, and effort in the 15 or so states with the largest blocs of electoral votes.

Clarion Ledger