Sid Salter: Lottery talk likely to coalesce odd coalition

The exact quote Pender attributed to Bryant was as follows: “I would be open to a general discussion regarding a statewide lottery. However, I would be opposed to this particular revenue being dedicated to specific expenses, such as public education. Our children’s future should not be left to a game of chance.”

There is a rather wide chasm between a public official being “open” to discussing a matter and willing to make a sea change from decades of prior opposition. Bryant’s position on the issue is relevant, but the likelihood of Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves or House Speaker Philip Gunn changing their prior opposition seems even more remote….

…The length of those lines brings some lawmakers and average citizens alike to ask why a portion of those funds can’t stay in Mississippi to fund highways or education or public health or a host of other needs.

But when Clarke or Reynolds file pro-lottery legislation, legislative colleagues reliably kill the bill and do so in the name of either protecting the existing casino industry or from religious and moral concerns.

Clarion Ledger