SID SALTER: Good luck trying to beat Roger Wicker

So, what of the discussions of a possible Wicker-McDaniel showdown in 2018?

Two things in particular will distinguish 2014 from 2018.

First, the likelihood of McDaniel attracting the unprecedented levels of outside spending in a 2018 race that he did in 2014 is very small. The country’s political landscape is very different today than it was in 2014.

Second, Wicker is simply a different kind of incumbent than is Sen. Thad Cochran. Cochran went from political novice to the U.S. House and from there to the U.S. Senate. He background was not formed in rough-and-tumble local politics…

…In short, it’s a fair assessment to note now that a 2018 challenger to Roger Wicker – who came out of the last election with the confidence and gratitude of the majority his Republican U.S. Senate colleagues – faces a far different path than did McDaniel against Cochran in 2014.

Clarion Ledger