Sid Salter: Health care questions loom

Just as well known in government circles is the fact that despite those health care challenges and the unrelenting poverty that exacerbates them, Mississippi avoided the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare” like the veritable plague.

The proposed Medicaid expansion that was part and parcel to ACA got the same cold shoulder. In 2014, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant said: “For us to enter into an expansion program would be a fool’s errand. I mean, here we would be saying to 300,000 Mississippians, ‘We’re going to provide Medicaid coverage to you,’ and then the federal government through Congress or through the Senate, would do away with or alter the Affordable Care Act, and then we have no way to pay that. We have no way to continue the coverage.”

Now, after the Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate and the election of Republican Donald Trump as president, Bryant may soon be a political prophet if the new Republican majority in Congress makes good on the stated intent of many to repeal the ACA.

Clarion Ledger