Sid Salter: We have to have faith in God to keep us safe

I suppose that’s a personal thing. I certainly don’t have the market cornered on right and wrong on this or any other topic. But to me, it’s one thing to be prepared to protect innocent people while they sleep alone or in small numbers in a private home, perhaps isolated, at night.

It’s quite another to think that we’re not safe in a group of fellow worshipers in the house of God on a Sunday morning unless we’re in control of a weapon. That notion makes God sound weak and powerless, and it makes the men and women of God, his people, sound afraid even in the place we go to formally worship.

Sorry, that doesn’t work for me. I suppose at some point — and I can’t really think of a point more readily faced than when we are in church worshiping — we actually have to have some faith in God to keep us safe.

I’m sure I have some friends in the Legislature who will remind me that the Lord helps those who help themselves. Maybe so, but if we have to go to church armed, going to church becomes much like going to a bank. Walk past the guard, get in line, attend to your business and leave. I want more than that. I believe in more than that.