SID SALTER: Are honesty, decency, service their own rewards? Ask MDOT’s Daniels

Sure enough, the MHSP found the owner of the briefcase. Then, lawmen notified Daniels and asked him if he knew that the briefcase contained more than merely documents. There was $10,000 in cash in the briefcase Arthur Daniels found on an isolated roadway.

Arthur recounted this to his colleagues and superiors at MDOT after getting the call from the Highway Patrol: “He then asked me when I discovered that it was that much money ($10,000) in it (the briefcase). I informed him that I did not know that much money was inside it. I only had examined the contents enough to realize that it belonged to someone and I stopped looking through it. He (the MHSP officer) then thanked me for my honesty and said he was going to meet the owner of the briefcase later that day.)

Here’s where the story gets a little strange. The rightful owner – a man from out of state – was located. He got his briefcase back, containing his documents, papers, and his $10,000 in cash….

…So, honesty, decency, and service really are their own rewards. If you don’t believe that, ask MDOT employee Arthur Daniels – who is living proof.

Daily Journal