Sid Salter: Hosemann election reforms worthy of passage

Whether it is libertarian supporters of Republican former state Sen. Melanie Sojourner or fans of former Democratic state Rep. Blaine “Bo” Eaton, on any given day one can find a vocal group of Mississippians who aren’t happy with the operation of elections in this state….

…Early voting isn’t some mysterious, unknown force lurking in the darkness to plunge elections into turmoil. An analysis by the U.S. Voting Project at George Mason University shows that in the 2008 presidential election, some 39.7 million people or about 30 percent of the total votes cast in the election were cast either by early mail-in or early in-person votes — up from 20 percent in the 2004 presidential election.
In the 2008 presidential election, Democrat Barack Obama carried 28 states — 13 of which had early voting. Republican nominee John McCain carried 22 states — 17 of which had early voting. The suggestion that early voting somehow represents a danger — even a partisan danger — to Republicans is pretty ludicrous.

Mississippi needs early voting provisions and online voter registration. Hosemann’s elections reforms are well-considered and should be adopted.