SID SALTER: Mississippi Municipal League recognized tax conundrum

But in Mississippi, small town mayors and aldermen are now seeing the handwriting on the wall and are embracing the fact that online sales are taking revenues from existing, on-the-books taxes away from their abilities to pave roads, maintain water and sewer systems and pay their portion of K-12 education support.

In a recent exchange in The Clarion-Ledger, Sherry Veazey, executive director of the Miss. Municipal League said:

“The Mississippi Municipal League supports passage of a law to require online sellers to collect sales tax. Brick and mortar businesses—the mom-and-pop retailers that have made a commitment to their communities, are extremely important to cities and towns. Online retailers have an unfair advantage over our “Main Street” businesses who are working hard to grow and sometimes even sustain their business. These same businesses are contributing to the fiscal health of cities while internet based business do nothing to contribute to these communities or to the state of Mississippi.”

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