SALTER: Senate primary hangover should cast long shadow over Neshoba speeches

The fact that Mississippi will be holding statewide courthouse to statehouse elections in 2015 in a political environment heated by the establishment/Tea Party split is wasted on no one in Mississippi – particularly not the seven-of-eight statewide elected officials who are Republicans.

Embedded in the anger and resentment of the McDaniel supporters are the threats, both implied and express, that McDaniel’s supporters will attempt to empower challengers to Republican statewide and legislative candidates they believe supported Cochran or failed to support McDaniel.

Expect Republican speeches at Neshoba to be more conservative than usual and expect Democratic speeches at Neshoba this year to goad and pick at the festering political wounds of the GOP Senate Primary. Expect 2015 trial balloons to be held to a minimum, while Democrats are expected to be as aggressive as they’ve been in many years.

The Senate race will definitely cast a long shadow, one that likely will span the approach of this year’s general election stretch run and next year’s statewide races.