Sid Salter: Election anti-climactic beyond Initiative 42

So a fair question would be this: How is it that Republicans appear ready to dominate seven-of-eight statewide races but face a possible loss on an initiative that has for months been as partisan and perhaps more so than any of the races on the ballot?

There are three answers. First, women have gravitated toward support for Initiative 42 regardless of party affiliation. Second, it is a mistake to discount the strength of bloc voting by teacher unions. Third, unlike many Democratic challengers in statewide races, Initiative 42 has had the resources to run a modern, well-organized campaign that outpaced the resources spent in opposition to it.

Still, the initiative and referendum process is difficult, and the fact Initiative 42 is the first initiative to face an alternative measure on the same ballot greatly increases the degree of difficulty in passing the measure. The voluminous process of voting either for or against the initiative is also expected to be a factor in the outcome.