Sid Salter: Clinton, Trump and the size of government

Like most Americans watching this surreal presidential election cycle evolve, I find the current race for the U.S. presidency to be at once fascinating and disturbing. Kind of like the buzz of a mosquito as one is attempting to drift off to sleep.

The political rhetoric in the race between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump is unlike any in the modern era…

…But the rhetoric in both presidential campaign camps aimed at the extremes in both major parties is likewise consumed by moderate and independent voters who will ultimately decide the outcome of the Clinton-Trump race. And that’s to say nothing about the plethora of personal insults flying in this campaign.

It’s been difficult at this juncture — the U.S. presidential campaign in full swing at the same time the Olympic Games in Rio is beginning in earnest — to escape the broader themes of this election. Those themes include immigration, class warfare, so-called economic justice issues and other difference-driven political issues.

Clarion Ledger