SALTER: McDaniel’s challenge brings an end to inertia, uncertainty

The Mississippi GOP will make a ruling. When and if a lawsuit is filed, the state and federal courts will likewise make a ruling. Regardless the outcome of both the party’s decision and that of the courts, there will be some who will never be satisfied and who will not have faith in the system.

That is why it is important that McDaniel and his supporters get their day before the Mississippi GOP’s leadership and before the judicial system. Such challenges are tedious, fraught with delays and present at best a serious distraction from the effort of Mississippi Republicans to win the general election against Democratic challenger and former U.S. Rep. Travis Childers of Booneville.

But only the playing out of the procedural and judicial appellate string can bring any sort of end to the inertia and uncertainty of this post-election battle. At some point, decisions will be made by party and judicial officials. At some point, the November ballot will be set.