Salter: Democrat’s rewrite of MAEP history short on fact

After a long period of seeming political inaction, Democrats in the Mississippi House of Representatives are beginning to push back against the Republican majority.

In great measure, that effort has been led by Democratic State Rep. Bobby Moak and former state representative Brandon Jones, now of the Mississippi Democratic Trust. But Moak’s most recent broadside against the House GOP leadership ignores some basic history that shouldn’t be ignored….

…Two things are true – Mississippi has never “thrown money” at public education in the sense that critics claim, but Mississippi’s Republican leadership this year threw more money at public education than has been thrown at it in a single year in the state’s history to the tune of $2.5 billion.

Shortcomings in education funding are bipartisan shortcomings. The Republicans haven’t had control of the state’s purse strings long enough to take the rap for the failures of an education funding formula designed – political traps doors and all – by prior Democratic leadership.