SID SALTER: Constitutional ship has sailed on same-sex marriage

With all due respect to people of religious faith (“sincerely held” or otherwise) and the atheists and agnostics alike, the constitutional ship has sailed in the United States over the issue of same-sex marriage.

From a purely legal standpoint, it’s no longer a question of whether you approve or disapprove or whether those activities and choices in any way offend your religious beliefs (or the lack of them) or whether they match your political/philosophical beliefs on the same topics…

…But what is evident is the fact that federal judicial review looms large for Mississippi’s HB 1523. When the shouting and the protests wane, federal appellate judges will be charged with weighing the Obergefell decision and the Constitution against Mississippi’s new law.

Are we then to believe that those appellate judges are going to rule that the choice of a public official over whether to obey federal law rests pretty much solely with whether that official agrees (from religious and moral standpoints) with the law? Forget public officials, what about the rest of us average, workaday citizens confronted with income tax laws, speed limits and narcotic drug statutes?

Clarion Ledger