Salter: State term limits still poor public policy

UCF’s proposed Initiative 51 “limits the number of consecutive terms a person can serve in the same state house, state senate or statewide elected office to no more than two terms after the adoption of the amendment. Terms would be deemed consecutive unless separated by a full four-year term.”

Back in May, Plunkett wrote: “The time for term limits has come, and the majority of Mississippians know it. We are at a time and place in history that demands a more hands-on approach from the people. Limiting state legislators and statewide elected officials to two consecutive terms is only a start, but it’s a good start.”

McDaniel, UCF’s chairman, said: “Unlike other term limits proposals this won’t block anyone from public service. Our goal is to increase participation and make elective office more accessible to people who want to serve. The power of incumbency has built a wall between people and their representatives. This has caused an increase in cronyism, back room deals and corruption. We believe regularly changing out officeholders is a step toward transcending those problems.”

Sid Salter
Clarion Ledger