SID SALTER: When a rose meets ‘it is what it is’

Let me get this straight – Democrats who were “conservatives” from Reconstruction until over a century later in Mississippi weren’t really Democrats because the party has evolved.

But “conservative” Republicans today are both responsible for Mississippi’s state government woes after gaining full control of it only in 2012 and also are – in the same context – really Republicans not given credit for a corresponding evolution?

Oh, yes, and the state of Mississippi’s public education system, public health care, mental health care, transportation and infrastructure, corrections, and a host of other responsibilities of government were in really great shape before the GOP took control and ruined it?

Talk about whistling Dixie….

…Poverty, insularity, racial mistrust, and an agrarian economy that was slow to change are non-partisan problems. The current Mississippi GOP indeed is in charge now and bears significant responsibility for the state’s ultimate destination. But it’s both fair and accurate to note that many of these vexing issues – at the core taxing and spending decisions – are issues that weren’t solved under decades of Democratic leadership, either.

Daily Journal